♥ annyeoooooong :)) MiAH imnida.[yeLiMi]. XD. i ♥ love my pikachuuu ever.and i know he love me back toO :))
-kpop and mandapop is my world.^^ .. "BOYFRIEND,B1A4,DALSHABET,C-REAL,FEILUNHAI and S.H.E. " WO AI NI.SARANGHAEYOO.FIGHTING!! :3

saranghaeyoooo my PIKWANGCHUU :))

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this guys.. really haha

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zitao jamming it out~

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Tao struggling to put his jacket back on after stripping

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toddlers are essentially just drunk college kids

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exo members’ reactions to kyungsoo and jongdae’s grilled meat.

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131228 Kwangmin at Philippine  Kpop Convection 5 


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D.O’s height difference is fascinating, I find his height adorable. ^o^

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